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Nomination for the German Comedy Award 2014

The tv-series “Meet the Parents”, shown on German Television this spring and where I played a lead role as “mum”, is nominated for the German Comedy Award 2014 in the category “candid camera”. I am invited to the big gala in Cologne on October 21st as part of the team. I really look forward to […]

Meet the Parents – Episode 6

Last episode – and this time the unknowing person is a woman. I’m playing a severe doctor, my husband a gambler and a looser with a wig. The daughter is still mentally in Peru, whereas the son, a real womanizer

Meet the Partents – Episode 5

Heute um 22:30 auf SAT1 – Folge 5 von “Meine Freundin, ihre Familie und ich” – Meine Freundin, ihre Familie und ich – heute Abend um 22:30 auf SAT1. Heute Folge 5: Vater (Bernd Dechamps) als Immobilienhai, Mutter (Bente Lay) als überzeugte Ökotante, die Lebensmittel auch gerne aus dem Müll fischt (containern), Tocher (Claudia Hinterecker), […]